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Workplace Mobbing and the development of my psychological trauma for mind control

Mind Control Gang stalking Victim Story


      • ; gang stalking, said plainly, is . could be defined, loosely, as any action taken by an organized group of individuals

 as well as a victim of some pretty serious covert operations involving technology, implantation, that easily equate as torture. This is called . I now can correctly and honestly conclude that I first experienced this sort of covert harassment as a senior in undergrad back in 1989-90, when a group of co-opted theatre students brought me into their social circle and were to psychological and emotionally terrorized, demean, and trash me. I was also victimized a class, one time, a victimization that threw me into a psychological mess, one that would last for years.  I then became the victim of a traumatic workplace mobbing at a job in the summer of 1990, after I graduated, that was also to define much of my psychology as an adult. The incidences in undergrad focused on undermining my psychology, and this would later be work in…

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